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Logically, I know that my music and I have value. Yet, emotionally, I find it difficult to ask for the money required to bring the vision of this music out of my head and heart... into the world.

To help break through that fear, I am committing to asking 100 people over the next 100 days to fund this music - no strings attached, nothing tangible in return... just an opportunity to experience the joy of paying it forward.

The only promise I'm making is that your money will be used to share my music with the people who need to hear it.

Funny enough, this page is actually a result of my 2nd of 100 conversations, in which the person wanted to support me and my art with a monthly subscription (thank you, Karl!).

If you too would like to be a patron of my arts and provide monthly financial support to help me create more music on an ongoing basis, please choose a subscription tier on the right.

Thank you so much for supporting the development of me, my music, and my career.

I truly appreciate it - and YOU!