Meghan Morrison's Online Indie Jam is currently on hiatus.

When in production, it is an interactive and collaborative community music project based out of Toronto, Canada featuring independent artists that live in and travel through the region.

Some of the webisodes are archived on youtube, so you can continue to grab your instruments for the Cyber Jam (last 10 minutes of every show) and play along at home :)
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Upcoming Guests

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On the last webcast...

Webisode #93: Our first live stream from C'est What? in Toronto was a successful experiment, thanks to our rocktastic guests, Derek Mok and Seamus Erskine's Greatest Hits - man, can they jam! With thematic suggestions from the online and C'eStudio audiences, the Cyber Jam went from a laid back Hawaiian beach vibe to full on rock guitar madness in a matter of minutes. Streamed and Recorded on June 25, 2013

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This is an uber indie production :) Meaning, everyone's a volunteer and funding comes from my own pockets. Donations made on the night of a live stream are shared amongst the artists and crew. Donations made on any other day are used to offset the material costs of production. Thank you for your support and enjoy the show!

Our Crew

Meghan Morrison (Toronto) - host, producer, and resident goofball

MuggleFX (Brampton) - intro, outro and transitional music composer

Matt Popowich of CryWitch Productions (Toronto) - part time director of photography

Poi Poi (New York) - satellite sound check & cyber jam advisor

Peace At Play & Tyden (Saskatchewan) - kid friendliness supervisors

Harmonic Arts is now the official Tea Sponsor of the Online Indie Jam. As a singer, I swear by their Throat Harmony Tea :)
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Webcast Troubleshooting

We are working hard to improve the quality of this webcast every week. Thanks for sticking with us during these early developmental stages!

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